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February 07, 2007



Creme de Menthe


Peppermint tea?


When I went to France on a French exchange at the age of 13. They had a syrup type stuff that you mixed with mineral water to make a fizzy mint drink. Both Cai and myself don't like mint flavour toothpaste. I've never found an adult alternative, so I may resort to the beef flavour dog stuff.

fave sis michelle

trust Ian to say peppermint cordial.......... I was goin to say that!

Ruby Riley

Your talk of mint flavored mineral water reminded me of a prank my friend once played on one of his friends. He called her house pretending to be from the city water department and told her he was taking a survey becuase they were considering flavoring the tap water. Which flavor would she prefer: lemon-lime, mint, tutti fruiti, or original. (What if all the sinks in the house produced flavored water?...)

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