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January 14, 2007



Sounds like great fun, Jason. I wish I had been there to witness it.


I particularly like the picture of FSM squeezing your breasts and holding them so close to hers.

Is that still legal in this country?

Liz Curtis

I'm going to practice the spoons more I think. I wasn't trying to poke Andy's eye out, honest.
Great evening though, thanks for pleasant company. I think we should indulge in a little place swapping throughout the evening next time though.

Tim the Enchanter

The focus on spoon playing saved us all from TLB's other skill. Namely; her trumpet imitation (with her mouth Andy, before you ask!) which she is equally proficient and proud of. We enjoyed the evening...thanks everyone.

fave sis michelle

Thanks for that silly pic of me and your squishy little breasts, tho they felt rather nice...... great breakfast on saturday with good company in fabby shop..... your night out looked great wish I had been there, c u real soon xx


Hey, did FSM have to take the realones out to hold the other ones in front, and if so where did she store them?


Ahh my husband Ian, the breast man, any opportunity, he is in mourning as mine ever decrease with weight loss. Never mind still got the bum.

Bananas, I like the picture Jason, interesting.

fave sis michelle

Ian get your mind outa the gutter....
R didnt realise what you had to put up with haha....

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