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October 22, 2006





Oh yes! home made pasta - the best! however time consum,ing and difficult to dry.
ieuan and wembley used to pull strips of the stuff off of the airer, onto the floor - rendering it inedible, except by them!

fave sis michelle

I bet you think your right clever now eh!! lets put it to the taste test, make some more when I come up next pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xx

Ruby Riley

That's a great photo. Please do let us know how it tastes. (Not the photo, the pasta.)


The photo tasted best. Well, I say that as it is the only one of the two that I got to eat

Tim the Enchanter

You saw my Tiramisu attempt and that competitive thing came over you again didn't it?

Liz Curtis

Pasta .... excellent. Thank you.
Tiramisu ... I'm more than willing to be the judge.


The pasta was, as Jason so rightly said, edible.

I'm no expert, but surely this is the aim of all chefs the world over?

So I say - Well done that man!

The sizeable chunks of parmegano were a delightful addition - as was Toni's home-baked garlic bread. Oh and then there was the Packet Cheescake - almost too naughty for words. I am not going to mention the macaroons. They should remain a guilty secret forever.

Nights at the Thompsons are such good fun that it seems almost churlish to attempt to repay such feasting and fun.

We WILL try...

And now, to bed - who knows what awaits me there.

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