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August 24, 2006



Great night, arranged to meet Tom on Saturday ;)

Tim the Enchanter

His name is Ben Blance and his site is at http://www.benblance.com/ I thought he was brilliant. Perhaps you could invite him next time too, for free, obviously. I despised the man who sang the Eric Bogle slur about Dylan. It was childish and crap for this song to even get written in the first place, but to perform (I use that term lightly) it straight after such a brilliant version of Sub Homesick Blues was purile to say the least. Yours, 'annoyed' of Cramlington.

Tim the Enchanter

Sorry, got a bit carried away there Jason. It was a great night and you were best, apart from Andy, who might read this, obviously.


I thought the photographer got in the way a bit, but apart from that a most wonderful evening.
I noticed you got to sample to food Tim, any good?

Tim the Enchanter

Quite good actually Ian. I was a bit cautious, and it was only a burger, but the bread was fresh and the side sald reasonable....and the beef was...er....cooked. What more can you ask eh?

Mr .Mavin

Sorry this post is a bit late, but thanks to all those who cheered / jeered and sang during the evening. IT was great to meet a host of new people and of course to meet old friends. I will be back soon ..... sorry!

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