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July 31, 2006



Im usually very frightened of nurses, but Toni has such a gentle touch.

caroline from the campaign for Real Nursing

I prefer my blood pressure taken the old-fashioned way, by a human being. I hate these new fangled machines which they connect you to and then run away. The machine then attempts to prevent any further circulation in the limb concerned by continuing to automatically inflate and inflate and inflate and ..Well if you're lucky the nurse comes back and says "Well that didnt work did it? As if it's a surprise to her! Then she will produce a "swig" as they seem to call it. You hope it's a drop of the hard stuff but its just a modified tyre pump and tyre pressure monitor. We're not fooled.


Quick, Jason has no internet, you can all leave your comments or say anything you want without a repsonse for a little hour. You have to be quick though.

favourite sister michelle

well, seems ages since I sent you a comment, as we just got back from sunny gran canaria this a.m. 4 to be precise! The meal toni did sounded fab, cant wait for our turn.Sounds as if you had a good time by your pool, but are you as tanned as us haha dont mean to keep goin on about our jolly hols, back to reality now with good old british weather, gona get some well deserved shut eye without the cocktails, bye for now J xx

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