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March 03, 2006



Its being thankful that we have a chance to embrace the positivity of every moment that brings us joy and happiness, witness to others that experience it and viewing the negativity as just moments that keep us grounded.

Very moving and wonderful pictures.

Thanks for sharing.



Liz Marshall

That's a very lovely sharing thing, Jason. So often we take our parents for granted, little realising how much they meant to each other and what their relationship was. You will treasure this window into their lives even more as time passes.


...and here's me moaning on about dogs.

These are big emotions, mate, and rightly so.

The world is full of folks with smart ideas about how and why we should live our lives - I certainly wouldn't presume to add my voice to the melee.

Good thoughts to you.


That's a hard question to answer. I could give you the answer of my faith...that we are here to learn the lessons we didn't learn in our past lives. Or that we are here to fulfill that which we were meant to do. But most of all I think we are here to touch as many lives as we can, and to be touched by the brush of as many lives ourselves as we can manage. Each connection, each interaction, forms a web...like the old ripple in the pond theory but with infinitely more range and impact, though more subtle. No matter a persons heritage, religion, beliefs or culture, the one thing that doesn't change is that interaction between people is the key to the path of life. Love, lust, affection, familial loyalty, animosity, hatred... without the interaction between people, the void would make the breath we draw pointless.........lol and all that is from a confirmed loner.


What a beautiful entry Jason. I absolutely loved reading it, and looking at the pictures.

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